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Nothing Positions You More As A Trusted Authority And Expert In Your Field Quite Like Becoming A Published Author
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Capture your expertise on paper and turn it into a powerful business growth tool.
Nothing positions you as an expert in your field quite like becoming a published author.
Capturing your expertise in book form adds a type of credibility to you and your business that simply cannot be matched.
My name is Bill Goss and I have personally penned 5 books in as many years.
This has created a stream of leads for my business generating over £2,800,000 worth of income.
Not only that, we have now
  •  published over 4,000 titles and 
  •  printed more than two million books,
  •  generating £millions of pounds for our customers.
With five different publishing packages for you to choose from we have all the bases covered.

Albeit a first time author dipping ones toe into the marketing world with our Worldwide Author service, to our complete concierge experience.
So do you want to become part of the Elite Authors…?
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Bill Goss
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"Business Owner Reveals 
How To Generate Thousands of Leads and Sell High Ticket Business Services Using Your Book As The Lead Generator... Even if you are a brand new start-up, entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker and nobody has even heard of you"
Bill Goss
Elite Publishing
What Real People Are Saying About Elite:
Bill, I just wanted to share this with you, as I know you love stats and facts.  

Since Keris and I launched our first book with you some 18 months ago we have now sold in excess of 10,000 + copies worldwide, generating in excess of £200,000 worth of income from the book alone. 

This has catapulted us as experts within our field and has led us to present seminars all over the world, which again generated even more sources of revenue. 

The book has been an unbelievable source of lead generation for our business. We did not fully understand when we set out on this adventure how much it would change our lives.
- Matt & Keris, Fitter Foods, UK
Bill, I so far have sold 246 books in 7 days…total sales revenue £9,574.32 so it’s paid for all my printing of the first run… 

By finally releasing the initial book launch to my customers I sold 7 places on a 2-day workshop in the last 2 weeks. 

The gross value in sales is £4,865.00 so I only have to deliver a 2-day class on 8th & 9th Dec…and this is up 20% on the same class I held in June of last year.
- Den Lennie, Business For Filmmakers, Australia
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