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Achieve financial independence by becoming a published author

Fitter Foods
“Since Keris and I launched our first book with you some 18 months ago we have now sold in excess of 10,000 + copies worldwide, generating in excess of £200,000 worth of income from the book alone.”
Matt & Kerris – Fitter Foods

Hear from one of our successful authors

We are a self publishing company with a track record of success spanning 10 years and 4000 successful books published and promoted. Find out how we helped Vicky, and how we can help you.

Bill Goss

About me

I’m Bill the founder of Elite Publishing Academy, a self publishing company. I’ve been helping people achieve financial independence by establishing them as successful published authors in their field since 2010. With over 4000 books successfully published, whatever your field of expertise, I can help you publish, promote and make your book a success.

Some of our publishing successes

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Helpful tips to grow your brand from the owner of a self publishing company

How to grow your business by becoming a published author

Published Yoda

Have you ever lost out on a piece of work that you were perfect for, maybe to a larger competitor?

Do ever wish there was a way that you could even the playing field a little?

Well, there is, it’s called becoming an authority in your field.

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33 Ways To Achieve Financial Independence Through Self Publishing


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