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Self Publishing. Simplified. 

The same process we've used to successfully publish over 4,000 books. 


We'll print your book for you to your exact specifications.


We'll publish your book for you, and can even ghost write it and edit for you.


We'll help you promote and sell your book.

Why Self Publish Grow Your Business Fast. 

Why publishing a book will add £100K to your bottom line.

Lead Generation 

A book is a powerful lead generation tool that our clients have used to generate £100,000+ of revenue, like Jane Hatton of Even Break below.

Thought Leadership

Establish yourself as authority in your field and watch your business grow on autopilot as the customers come to you.

Competitive Advantage

None of your competitors have books, because they're too lazy! Writing a book will give you a huge competitive advantage over your competitors. No more trying to win business as the cheapest option.

Success Stories From Our Customers 

"The first 20 books that I sent out I got 3 meetings as a result of that and 2 of those went on to buy our services. These customers typically spend £10k with us a year, so 2 sales is a lifetime value of £100,000. The effort of writing the book and getting it published is well worth it when you consider the return on investment."

— Jane Hatton, CEO at Even Break

Jane Hatton


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