Tell Your Story to The World

What’s in It for You?

Telling the story of our lives to the world can be a very different experience for each one of us.

Some might narrate their life’s struggles and achievements out loud with great pride. Some might feel embarrassed to talk about their failures.

Others might like to boost their bravery and smartness a little more than what’s real.

Some might not want to tell about themselves at all to the world probably because they are too shy or like to stay secretive about themselves.

However, one thing I have learned from life and others is that telling your story to the world can be of great advantage to your own self if nothing else.

No matter if you lost in a competition, failed an important test, or couldn’t get the love of your life because of your own hamartia, telling this all out loud has an excellent benefit for you.

The most celebrated authors of history never preferred making up fictional stories. In fact, they always liked to narrate their own, of someone else’s life story to the world which is real.

No matter how insignificant or boring you might think of your life as, the profound emotion and human sentiments present in our lives always make it enjoyable to the listeners and readers in one way or the other.

Now if you are wondering what to write your next article or book about, the answer is simple.

Narrate a portion of your own life that might be somehow relatable for the readers.

Do not shy away from sharing the story.

Do not think about how many inadequate responses it can possibly get after publication.

That is not your job.

Your job is just to write it in a way that every part of it reaches the reader without any confusion and that’s all.

Narrating your life experiences to the world has more chances to be a successful experiment than making up some fictional narration.

Every human’s life is a tale full of emotions, and hence it can be relatable for others easily.

Once a life is relatable, people automatically like it and prefer buying it more over any other book with stories about utopia and life being a bed of roses.

Once your life tale reaches more and more people and gets appreciated, you will eventually become more confident to narrate the things which matter to you in one way or the other.

You will also learn the importance of gaining new experiences and will start embracing your fears and failures in a hope to get new stories to narrate.

The way people will respond to your life tale can have high nectar of lessons in it.

What people comment merely on a book, can be understood by you as more of life advice rather than a comment on your written work.

This can help you grow as a person in life successfully.

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