8 Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book

If you are considering to self-publish your piece of creativity, this means that you are well prepared to take on the challenges that you will surely be facing on your way. The process of self-publishing a book is not an easy one and requires a lot of hard work and patience too. Here are a few steps you must know and should follow in an order to self-publish your book while avoiding as much hassle as you can.

1 – Prepare Your Rough Draft

This should be your first and foremost step. Preparing a book’s draft can take months and even years. All you need to do is to stay focused and be very careful as to what you are investing your time in. During this time, it would be better to seek peer advice and keep on researching on the ways to write better and publish faster.

2 – Find your editor and prepare the final draft as per his advice

As soon as your first rough draft is completed, start looking out for the best editor in town that suits your needs. Try to find an editor and copy writer you already know and have heard good of. Take his comments and criticism on your work positively and try to make sure you work out nicely enough to make your final draft a fine piece of writing with no need to edit or rewrite anymore.

3 – Make your team

Even if you are writing your book all by yourself, do not expect it to be all alone and succeed alone while you are publishing it for people to read. Make sure to have a team by your side, even if it is a small one. Make a separate team for marketing, graphic designing, typing, etc.

4 – Get Your Book Reviewed

After your final draft is done, make sure to send it to at least two to four best selling writers or at least famous ones if possible. Once they have read it, they will give your honest reviews and comments on your work. You can even add those to the cover of your book to attract more buyers.

5 – Get your cover designed

A book is surely judged by its cover. Therefore, you need to hire the most creative graphic designer you know to design a cover for your book. Try to get it designed in a way that is not only eye-catching, but also reflects the idea of the book too.

6 – Go to the retail market

In this step, finalise the book in a form which you need to present to the world to be brought. Fix the price and survey the bookstores you might want to supply your book to.

7 – Promote and market your book

Once everything is done, just take to the social media and other platforms to market your book to the readers. Once your words get noticed, you will surely earn money and fame too.

8 – Stay positive

No matter how this all ends, just do not ever give up writing.

So, that concludes my 8 Steps Involved in Self-Publishing a Book, I hope you can take note and take some action.

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