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Who is Bill Goss?


I’m Bill Goss the founder of Elite Publishing. I help people achieve financial independence by becoming recognised experts in their field. The number one way of becoming a recognised expert in your field is to publish a book.

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I wanna tell you a story...

Hey, are you looking to explode your business and your income? How would you like a tool to help generate more sales and leads than perhaps you even know what to do with? Something that will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors so massively that you’ll always make the sale and close the deal.

Hi, I’m Bill Goss, I’m the author of three 6 figure + lead generating books. I’m the founder of the Elite Publishing Academy. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped almost 4000 authors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals to write their book, publish, promote and profit from that book and explode their income and their business.

In that same period of time, our PR team has generated media placements for our authors. Placements on BBC, SKY, The Guardian, The Telegraph,  The Times, Daily Mirror and all over the country and even major media all the way to US news and beyond, including  Success Magazine, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and the like.

Now it’s your turn to do the exact same thing.

You see, it wasn’t always like this for me.

Just over 3 years ago I had a pretty massive business failure. You see, I owned three businesses in the print and publishing related field and during a 6-month period, I saw my print businesses go from generating over multiple 6 figures in sales, all the way to zero. I fortunately had a great publishing business, Elite Publishing Academy, and a couple of great mentors that I got some advice from and I asked, “What would you do if you were in my position, trying to re-establish yourself in a overwhelm industry? How would you do that?” Both of those people suggested that I go back to basics and do what I’m good at, helping people publish, promote and sell their books.

Well, I wrote this book, Grow Your Business Fast by Becoming A Successful Published Author. It’s just 108 pages but within a year of writing this book and trying to rebuild my business with very little money, I went from less than 100k in turnover to over £250k in just 12 months.

I ended up getting speaking engagements, hosting events and becoming the go-to person again, all because of Grow Your Business Fast by Becoming A Successful Published Author.

Since that time, people started coming to me, asking me if I could help them to generate the same kind of results in their business with their book as I got in mine. Honestly, in the beginning, I didn’t know if I could.

But, by the time 2015 rolled around, we had discovered a process to help non-writers to publish, craft an amazing book and publish that book, to then promote that book so that it gets thousands of downloads in a very short period of time all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand, all the way to Canada and the United States and then actually help them to build lead generation systems to massively profit from that book.

The three things we’re going to cover are the publish, promote and profit programs. The first step is the publish phase. We’re going to talk about how you can get your awesome book done very quickly, just like Dominic Hodgson did when we created with him the ‘How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ book. Now Dom went on to use this book in the first few months to generate over £100,000 in income, dozens of leads and new clients in both coaching programs and group programs and yet, he got this book done in just a few short weeks. So we’re going to cover all the details of how you can do the exact same thing as Dom in the publish phase.

The second phase that we’re going to go over is what we call the promote phase.

The promote phase is all about getting your book traction so that your book isn’t like the average book. The bad news is that the average book sells about 200 copies in its lifetime and most of those copies are sold to the author and the author’s friends and family. So if you want to break out from all the noise of the million plus books published every year, then you have to do something different. The thing that you have to do differently is you have to launch your book. In the promote phase, we’re going to talk about how you can launch your book like we did with Jane Hatton in her A Dozen Brilliant Reasons To Employ Disabled People’ book. We helped Jane create this book and now Jane is actually using this book to earn over £100,000 + deals with FTSE 250 companies from something called a free plus shipping funnel. That’s something that we’re going to over in great detail with you.

We’re also going to talk about how you could actually make money from your book, even before your book is done. That’s what we did with Lesley Tao when we helped her with her book How To Profit From Rent-2-Rents. You see Lesley did a Kickstarter program and she raised over £60,000 on Kickstarter before this book was even completed. We’re going to go over Lesley’s training and show you exactly how you can do the exact same thing.

Then the last phase is what we call the profit phase. The profit phase is really where the pedal hits the metal. That’s where we’re going to dive deep into how you can use your book to get media placements like we have for all of our authors, to the tune of over a thousand, how you can use your book to generate speaking engagements and speak on massive stages and how you can use your book to generate leads and make sales.

I could go on and on with the examples from our authors, but here’s the thing, it’s not their turn, it’s your turn.

So on this page, there’s a button for you to click so that you can become a 100k+ author. Go ahead and do that right now and book your call, I’m going to be with you, our team’s going to be with you, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and we’re going to help you to publish, promote and profit with your own bestseller.

Go ahead and do that right now and book your call.