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Cover - Design / Formatting
Our designers offer expertly crafted graphics, formatting, layouts, and typesetting that come together to create a cover that gets reader’s attention. We know the markets, genres, and how to incorporate your branding into your designs for maximum impact and ongoing sales.
Interior Design and Editing
Our experts provide custom designs, formatting, layouts, typesetting, and editing to ensure your readers experience your story just as you intended. These are the distinctions that create bestsellers, award winners, and loyal readers. Comfortable, easy to read books make happy readers!
Proofreading and copy editing service
Full proofreading and copy editing service (enter your word count below). Proofreading and editing service checks for; grammar, punctuation, and spelling, tense issues, sentence structure, readability, consistency.
Books & Ebooks (fiction or non-fiction), Novels, Marketing, Academic proofreading, Short stories, Technical documents, Legal documents
Additional Book Marketing and Promotions
The hardest part of being an author is selling your book. Authors by nature are writers and creators, not salespeople. Our team of specialists has created solutions to meet your every need to succeed in your marketing goals. From à la carte campaign and elemental promotional materials to customised plans and coaching.
eBook and global distributIion done for you for just £249.00?
One-To-One Book Coaching Premium Services
Terms and Conditions of Sale
Please note you will receive a printed bound proof copy before your final print run. All prices are based on a print ready PDF provided. If you require help with setting your book we can help, however, there will be an artwork fee of £50 + VAT. When you proceed with the sale you agree to the companies terms and conditions. Please note we aim to produce your paperback books with 5 working days from proof approval. Please note we aim to produce your hardback books with 7 to 10 working days from proof approval. If you require an express delivery please call 0800 6890548.
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