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Global Distribution

Global distribution to over 40,000 retailers & libraries, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Book Printing

1 x bound proof copy & 5 x number of Paperback books (up to A5 and 160pp mono internals only). Available Print On Demand worldwide.

All Formats

1 x eBook Availability to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Bespoke Cover Design

Professionally Designed Bespoke Book Cover & 3d Promotional designs of book.

Author Website

A fully mobile responsive bookselling and promotional sales
funnel, created by the Elite Team. A proven system that has
generated our clients over £30,000,000 in sales since 2014.

Social Media Adverts

Social Media ‘supercharge’
We set-up and launch your book ads for the first 30 days.

About Elite Publishing Academy

Founder - Bill Goss

In this digital age, authors have more opportunities than ever to reach an audience with their work. With the rise of self-publishing platforms and online bookstores, it has never been easier for authors to create and distribute their works for readers around the world. As such, a new breed of author has emerged – the Digital Author.

Digital Authors are individuals who embrace modern technology to create and distribute works online. By leveraging various digital tools, these authors can craft stories in any format they want – from novels to ebooks, audio books, articles and even blogs. They also take advantage of social media to promote their work, allowing them to easily reach targeted audiences that might otherwise be difficult or expensive to find through regular publishing methods.

A key attribute that sets Digital Authors apart is the fact that they often have the freedom to experiment with different formats, genres and topics without worrying about traditional gatekeepers standing in their way. This means they are able to create content tailored specifically for niche audiences while bypassing many of the restrictions associated with traditional publishing models – including censorship or commercial interests. Additionally, they are able to quickly respond when trends develop or technological changes occur without having to wait for approval from external sources before being allowed to fully explore those opportunities.

Digital Authors have a unique ability to bring ideas directly into readers’ hands at anytime from anywhere in the world; thus creating a powerful connection between a storyteller and those who enjoy their work. For those looking for ways to make use of technology as a creative outlet – becoming a Digital Author is definitely something worth considering!

Start Your Journey Today By Becoming A Published Author In Just 7 Days.

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Included in this amazing Self-publishing service is;

Global Distribution
Paperback Book Proof & Author Copies
eBook available in all formats
Bespoke Cover Design
Author Website
Social Media Adverts

BONUS: Plus Three Special Bonuses Worth £164

Included for the next 23 Digital Book Authors;

Hardback copy of the Amazon Number One 'Why Facts Tell But Stories Sell' (£20)
One-To-One Book Coaching Premium Services with Bill Goss (Value £99) 
Amazon Author Page (Value £45)

Your Questions Answered

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, please drop us an email or call

How quick will it take for my book to be published and promoted?

This is one of our most popular questions at Elite Towers. To cut a long story short... excuse the pun.. from the sign off from your PDF, the publishing process takes no longer than 10 working days. We start distributing and promoting your book and as soon as you join. We recommend promoting your book well in advance of the publishing date as this helps you create and establish your book within the marketplace. A rough guide will be 30-60 days before publishing.

Who earns all the royalties?

You earn 100% of the royalties of your book. It is your book after all and we want you to earn your rightful rewards. For more details on eBook, print on demand and audiobook royalties please find out more here >>> Book Royalties

Who owns the copyright?

Literary copyright in the Book shall at all times remain solely vested in the authors of the Book, their heirs, and assigns and the Supplier shall take all necessary steps to register record and protect the copyright on behalf of the Author and the Author’s heirs and assigns. For more information please go here >>> T's & C's

What exactly do you do in your service?

Elite Publishing Academy will design, publish and promote your book. 

From cover design, printing books, eBook, Audiobook, publish your book worldwide through all major distribution channels. 

We create a very targeted marketing plan for you albeit at the start or those who are in the middle of a launch and need immediate help. We will review and maximise your categories (you will need to send the new categories to KDP).

Then we will design and publish a highly targeted ad to get you a large influx of sales. This type of ad is like a Pay-Per-Click ad, but it is actually Pay-Per-Impression. 

It puts your book in front of a very targeted list of readers.

How do I pay the advertising?

We will set a budget for advertising (usually about £300-500 to start) and set up ads in your accounts within your budget. We start testing early with very small budgets to see what works. We will get approval from you if we need to increase the budget. Niche size can require more investment in ads and we will advise you.

Part of the post-launch training will include how to create your own ad account and run these on your own.

How far in advance should I hire you to promote my book and services?

Right now! If you are thinking about publishing your book, then get going today. We require minimum of 30 days before you plan to release or 120-150 days is ideal. 

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