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Even Break Success Story

How We Helped 'Even Break' Generate £100,000 Of New Revenue

Even Break is a specialist job board for disabled people. We helped Even Break secure two new clients with a lifetime value of £100,000 on the first run of their book A Dozen Brilliant Reasons to Employ Disabled People.

Learn how self publishing a book establishes you as an authority in your field and helps you grow.

This free report explains how you can successfully self publish a book, promote it and use it to grow your business substantially. This is the same method we used for Business For Filmmakers.

"The first 20 books that I sent out I got 3 meetings as a result of that and 2 of those went on to buy our services. These customers typically spend £10k with us a year, so 2 sales is a lifetime value of £100,000. The effort of writing the book and getting it published is well worth it when you consider the return on investment. "

Even Break Jane Hatton

Jane Hatton

Even Break

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