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DON’T BE THE 99.9% . 

The Average Author Will Only Sell Around 75 Books. Harsh reality I know but this is a fact. Why? Well, in my humble opinion, authors, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business owners take their book too personally. 
In short, they forget that their book is a product. That product (your book/guide) can be one of your most powerful business tools when promoting yourself and business if used correctly.

If you want to use your knowledge and expertise to help others and to create a genuine income stream then maybe I can help.

My name is Bill Goss, I opened the doors to Elite Publishing Academy back on January 13th 2009, since then I have helped over 4,000 authors, coaches, business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, therapists and sales professionals publish to success. 

I've had many highs and lows and I've spent a lot of money on marketing my businesses to success.

I've also had an all time low when I had to shut the doors to my print company.

However, one thing has always helped me generate leads and multiple six figure incomes to my business and that is helping others share their knowledge.

We do this by publishing your expertise and creating an income stream using your products and services.

Fill in the details and discover how Bill Goss (either me or one of my team) can help you tell your story.
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