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5 Steps to Follow to Increase the Sale of Your Book


It may have took you a few months or years of effort and hard work to put into this one book that you find so alluring, appealing and valued to yourself and now you want as many people as possible to read and take benefit from it.

Also, you might need a few more pennies to fulfil your financial needs through the sales of your book.

But it’s not quite happening as you expected and you wonder why?

Worry no more, below are the most important steps to follow if you want to increase the sale of your book.

1) Augment and boost your Book Description

What do you think people read the first thing in a book when they’re deciding whether or not to buy a particular book? The title? The author’s note or some comments on the back? It should be of no surprise when we tell you that people tend to read a book’s description first and foremost!

So, make the story of your book short, but worth reading and buying.

2) Get Visibility in Amazon Search Results

Amazon provides an excellent service for not only those who want to read the books, but for the authors as well to maximise their sales of the book and their discernibility.

The main thing is to select keywords for your book (the story or the theme it comprises of) so people can look it up and instantly find your text on the list.

3) Publish a Kindle edition

No doubt Kindle is one of the most significant sources for online readers, so there shouldn’t be any doubt for you to post your book as a Kindle edition. If your book is long enough to be made into sections and different segments, try doing so, there are people out there who love to read section wise.

4) Research on readers

Try forming a team or group of people who would like to help you out in market researching which includes what keywords people look up for most and what the readers wish authors had done that you should do (because they didn’t). It’s one of the biggest magnets to attract your readers.

5) Line up Your Reviews

About 80% of the world is sheep, i.e. they love to follow a particular crowd rather than being their own leader. In the book world, people tend to read books that have many reviews, no one wants to be the first one to get out their comfort and free zone to try out something that no one has ever done before. Especially in the case of reading a book, no one wants to spend money on something that might not intrigue them later on.

So, line up your reviews by your team that you had formed earlier for researching. Tell them to be honest about your book, write the functional aspects first and then maybe tell the one or two negative ones.

The more reviews there are, the more chances of your books are to be bought by the audience.

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