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Is it worth self publishing a book – an overview

“Is it worth self publishing a book?”. Absolutely. Self publishing a book can help you become financially independent and become an authority in your field.

There are a number of reasons why it’s worth self publishing a book and we will give you a simple overview of them in this article.

Self publishing your expertise is one of the easiest ways of becoming an authority within your field. When asking yourself is it worth self publishing a book, consider these points:

  1. Become an authority in your field. I wrote about the importance of authority marketing in my Medium post How To Grow Your Business By Becoming A Published Author.
  2. Generate more leads. Self publishing a book can help you generate more leads for your business and also creates a new source of revenue for your business.
  3. Competitive advantage. Today’s business landscape is super competitive. There are hundreds of businesses all competing for the same pieces of work. If it was a choice between your company, and one who had published books on the field, who do you think would win the work? The self published company is perceived as an authority in their field.
  4. A new revenue stream. Your book can be an entirely new revenue stream for your business. Depending on how successful it is, or how well written, it could end up becoming an Amazon Best Seller. Many first time authors are surprised at the success of their books and end up going on to write more, some even becoming full time writers and pivoting their business to just self publishing successful books.
  5. Grow your brand. There is nothing that will help you grow your brand quicker than having a published book against your name. Your book can be your platform for growth.

Is it worth self publishing a book

These are just a few reasons to answer is it worth self publishing a book?



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