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Is Self Publishing Good Or Bad?

So you’re thinking of publishing a book.

Good! In this article I will give you an overview on is self publishing good or bad?

Self publishing a book is one of the quickest ways to achieving financial independence, if you do it right.

In this article I will give you an overview of what self publishing entails and you can make your own decision about whether it is right for you.

Is self publishing good or bad?

Do you have a millions of followers and a huge platform to promote your book on?

No? Well then the question shouldn’t be is self publishing good or bad, it should be is traditional publishing even viable for me.

The traditional publishing model is dated and slowly dying.

There’s a reason the success stories of so many successful authors involve them being rejected hundreds of times by publishers.

Because it’s notoriously incredibly difficult to get your book picked up by a traditional publisher.

The chances of this happening are quite literally 1 in a million.

Self publishing offers a cost effective method of publishing your book that is just as effective and empowers you as the author to maintain complete control of how your book is published.

Why you shouldn’t use a publisher

Below is a list of the main reasons I would recommend you shouldn’t use a traditional publishing company

  1. The chances of being picked up by a publisher are extremely low
  2. Publishers expect you to have your own platform and an already established following
  3. The terms of your agreement may not be optimum for you
  4. It’s very expensive with no guarantee of success
  5. It’s a very lengthy and time intensive process

Is self publishing good or bad

Why you should self publish

Here’s a list of the main reasons you should self publish:

  1. As James Altrucher says, we live in the age of publishing 3.0. There are incredibly talented publishers setting up shop on their own who can give you top tier services at affordable prices.
  2. You’ll make a lot more money if you professionally self publish. You’ll own all the rights to your book and will make all the money on book sales, something traditional publishers never go for.
  3. Speed. You will publish your book probably up a year quicker if you self publish.
  4. Quality control. The 21 year old interns at large publishing companies won’t recognise your good content, only you can.
  5. Design control. This is something publishers typically control, as they are trying to make the most money from the book. However, only you know your market inside out, your publisher doesn’t.
  6. Pride. The satisfaction of self publishing and doing it on your own is unbelievable. Being able to tell your friends, family and customers that you self published is a much larger achievement than paying a large publisher a huge sum of money to try and do everything for you.
  7. Cost. Traditional publishing companies cost a lot. Independent self publishing companies are twice as effective and cost half as much.

Hopefully this short overview will give you an insight into whether self publishing is good or bad.

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To your success


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