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Why Aren’t You Getting Any Leads?

Why aren’t you getting any leads?

You’re doing all the right things.

Writing blog posts.

Sharing on social media.

Shouting about your business.

So why aren’t you getting any leads?

Something is broken

And I don’t mean your elbow.

Something in your Sales Funnel is not working.

Sales Funnel is a marketing term for your online presence.

A Sales Funnel is made up of three parts:

  • Top of the funnel — turning strangers into visitors
  • Middle of the funnel — turning visitors into leads
  • Bottom of the funnel — turning leads into customers

So if you’re not generating leads it’s because of two reasons:

  • Something is broken at the top of the funnel, or
  • Something is broken in the middle of the funnel
The Sales Funnel

Which part of my funnel isn’t working?

Good question.

Many people think they are doing the right things to drive new targeted traffic, but are they really?

And everybody thinks their website is top notch and a lead generating machine. If you ever happen to mention a new website to a business owner, you’ll see them clench up so tightly their cheque book snaps.

The only way to figure this out is to run some diagnostics…

Funnel diagnostics

Let’s run through some simple diagnostics to figure out what’s wrong. Follow these simple steps to find out where your funnel is broken:

  1. Open Google Analytics (or install it)
  2. Are you getting enough monthly unique visitors? If no, drive more targeted traffic — [Top of Funnel Broken]
  3. Are you getting enough traffic, but no leads? Check your Acquisition report, where is the traffic from? Is it targeted and is it landing on the right pages? If no, focus on the right traffic – [Top of Funnel Broken]
  4. Are you getting enough targeted traffic, but no leads? Check your Drop Off’s and Exit Pages. Your website doesn’t convert.— [Middle of Funnel Broken]

If your website doesn’t convert, it could be for a number of reasons.

Common reasons include:

  • Poor design
  • Not mobile responsive
  • Bad copy
  • Not easy to figure out what you do
  • No calls to action
  • No popups/forms
  • No downloadable/gated content
  • Not using landing pages effectively

Generating leads is simple

Generating leads online is simple.

You need to drive traffic, convert it, nurture it and close it.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The first step to figuring out why you aren’t generating leads is to understand the three parts of the sales funnel and know how to diagnose what’s wrong with your funnel.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Learn to love Google Analytics.

It will become your new best friend.

Further resources

If you’re interested in improving your online marketing skills, I would recommend Neil Patel.

Check out his blog which is full of super detailed, meaty marketing guides.

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