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Today I’m going to discuss Why you are not getting the sales you crave in your ‘expert’ business…

I’m Bill Goss the Founder of the Elite Publishing Academy and over the past 10 years I’ve been able to help over 4,000 ‘experts’ share their expertise, publish that expertise and profit from that expertise.

Now in my opinion the ‘expert’ space has grown so much that we are all now experts and to some, that is a bad thing and I have to agree.

So, I’m gonna help you out today and explain to you 

Why you are not getting the sales you crave in your ‘expert’ business…

So, for me, the Number 1 reason why you’re not getting the sales you crave is down to YOU not communicating effectively with your client base or prospects. 

What do I mean by ths????

Well my company’s catchphrase is ‘Facts tell, and stories sell’, right?

Well, in a world of overwhelm, with the next shiny gadget or the next fancy sales funnel.

The art of communication is disappearing.

And I don’t mean randomly pick up the phone and harassing people.

No way.

And here’s a reason why?

In 2007, I briefly left the print and publishing industry. I had enough of it. My wife and I had just moved to a lovely house and I had been a General manager of a print firm, but I knew I wanted more…

I wanted more responsibility and ultimately, I wanted more money, we hadn’t become parents at this time but we kinda knew it was on the horizon, so I knew I had to double my income for when that time came.

My wife was earning decent money and we lived to our means.

So, I joined a global sports hospitality firm where the commissions where huge, if you sold just one package you could earn around £10-20k…

But the catch was you had to cold call 100 + CEO’s, MD’s, FD’s of FTSE 250 all day long, you had to source your own leads, find out their numbers, pretend to be non-exec directors and put on accents.

Man it was hard, really hard, I committed to my 3 month probation and I was like, this is not for me.

In the 3 months I made over 6,000 calls and only 3 sales, commission was rewarding but the pain was not for me.

However, what it did teach me was to research your prospect well and deliver a good and concise pitch to people.

It also taught me that you need to warm your prospects and clients up well in advance.

And that it what I have don ever since, with a book or a guide a bit of lumpy mail, an event or webinar.

But the best bit of advice I can give you is once you have permission to talk to your client, talk to them, find out about them NOT you, it’s not about you, yes you may have the solution they need but if you can communicate to them and find out about what makes them tick your life and ultimately sales will follow.

So, to conclude folks, to avoid the 3 mistakes as to why your ‘expert’ business is failing…

1: Communicate with your prospects

2: Research your prospects and clients

3: Talk to them find out about them

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